Albany County
Leslie Wray

Office: County Clerk                                                                                                                                            Town: Bethlehem

Email: leslieo.wray@gmail.com
Phone: (518) 414-1570

Facebook page: Leslie Wray for Albany County Clerk


Alicia Purdy


Office: Mayor

City: Albany

Email: AliciaPurdy4Mayor@gmail.com

Phone: 518-645-8001

Campaign Website: www.TransformAlbany.com

Campaign Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AliciaPurdy4Mayor

Albany is the most influential city in America, but most people don’t realize the power that Albany holds. In our state, the world’s money, commerce, fashion, cultures, unions and industry are at their strongest and the laws that govern this state flow out of Albany. Albany is sinking under the weight of 100 years of corruption and it’s time for a TRANSFORMATION.

My vision for Albany is called "Operation: TRANSFORM." It is a comprehensive set of ideas and strategies to approach our many needs. But the first step toward transformation must be the leadership in City Hall! As a journalist, a mother and a taxpayer, I stepped up to lead the way into a new season for Albany that I want for my family-and yours, and my city - and yours, and my future- and yours.


I'm focused on finding common ground, raising up leaders instead appointing political pawns, and I firmly believe that PEOPLE are our greatest resource. With that perspective, Albany will have the right leadership to create the transformation we need. If Albany flips, the rest will fall into place.

YOU ARE NEEDED, wherever you are! Please contact me - You are invited to HELP TRANSFORM ALBANY!

Judge Peter Crummey







Office: Supervisor
Town: Colonie

Facebook: PeterCrummeyForColonie

Website: For summary, view website.

Jeff Madden

Office: Councilperson

Town: Colonie

Email: electjeffmadden@gmail.com

Phone: 518-626-1715

Website: electjeffmadden.com

Jeff Madden is the endorsed Republican and Conservative candidate for Colonie Town Councilman.


Jeff wants to bring his business experience, his ability to lead teams to accomplish common goals and his competitive drive to the Colonie Town Board.


Jeff spent many years as a business owner in Colonie at his restaurants, the All Sports Cafe and Madden's.  After that he held upper level management positions in the automotive industry for over 20 years. 


A fierce competitor Jeff played nine years of semi-pro football and coached 100's of Colonie's youth at Colonie High School and the Little League and Pop Warner programs.


Jeff believes we need 21st century solutions to our 20th century problems like using new technologies to improve our roads and will work to ensure we have strategic development, measurable results, accountable leadership, representational decisions and transparent governance.

Judge Norm Massry


Office: Town Justice

Town:  Colonie

Email: judgemassry@gmail.com

Campaign Website: judgemassry.com


Judge Norm Massry is an experienced attorney and judge, having served as Colonie Town Justice for the past 12 years. 


On the bench, Judge Massry treats all with respect, fairness and impartiality to fairly resolve more than 50,000 criminal, civil and traffic cases in one of the Capital Region’s busiest courts.   


Judge Massry is very involved in his community, having served with the United Way’s Community Investment Panel, the Regional Food Bank’ Board of Directors, the College of St. Rose’s Veterans Advisory Panel, and the Teresian House Foundation Board.  Judge Massry is also a lifetime member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.


Judge Massry is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. As an Army helicopter pilot, he flew reconnaissance missions in Korea and in combat in Iraq during the Persian Gulf War. 


For his military service, Judge Massry was recognized for bravery and meritorious service, receiving the Bronze Star, Air Medal, Army Commendation Medal, New York State Conspicuous Service Cross and Korean Defense Service Medal. 


Paul Heiser

Office: Supervisor

Town: Bethlehem

Phone 518-222-9509

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PaulHeiserTownSupervisor

I am running for Bethlehem Town Supervisor because I believe town government has ignored the issues that people truly care about, including keeping taxes and crime at low levels and creating a community that is friendly to both residents and businesses.

Jim Carriero

Office: Town Board
Town: Bethlehem

Phone: 518 469 3695

Email: James_Carriero@yahoo.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JimCarrieroforBethlehemTownBoard

Having run a large financial institution, I developed strategies to increase market share and services while reducing costs. I provided services to governments as well as serving as a Treasurer of the Grafton, Mass Water District. I have developed strategies to deal with significant challenges and applied them through the team approach.

Jim Foster




Office: Town Board

Town:  Bethlehem 

Phone: 518.573.5788

Campaign Email: jimgfoster@gmail.com

I currently serve on the Town Board and am a third-generation resident of Bethlehem. Recent accomplishments include successfully leading the effort to save Bethlehem's cherished dive pool and forcing a public referendum on the Delaware Avenue Road Diet.


As an experienced attorney in private practice and former auditor, I have a strong background in advocacy, ethics, and finance.


I graduated with honors from Georgetown University and Albany Law School. I am a dedicated volunteer with various community organizations, including serving as a longtime volunteer firefighter with the Elsmere Fire Company. I am extremely proud that my six-year-old son is attending Elsmere School -- the same elementary school I attended.


Dr. Brian Sheridan

Office: Town Board
Town: Guilderland
Email: bsheridan@hotmail.com
Website: sheridanforguilderland
Facebook: sheridanforguilderland


Guilderland is a great place to raise a family and operate a business.  I am a Pediatrician, who is a partner at Schoolhouse Pediatrics, right here in town. 


My wife, Elaine, and I are raising our daughters, Alivia, age 11, and Ciana, age 8, in town.  We are committed to making it better.  To accomplish this, I am running for the Guilderland Town Board. 

We need a town that does not chase business away.  Western Avenue has some dilapidated properties that are unsightly, environmentally unsafe, and just not something the town should allow.  Lawsuits and infighting are making business hesitant to come to town and this puts an unnecessary tax burden on the residents.  Families are also less likely to want to move to a community that is always appearing to fight with local businesses.   

I am ready to work hard within in Town Government to fix the issues as well as make sure the regular business of the Town continues to get done.

Amanda Knasel

Office: Town Board
Town:  Guilderland
Email: amandaknasel@gmail.com

Website: Knaselforguilderland.com
Facebook: Amanda Knasel for Guilderland Town Board

Guilderland has so much to offer the residents. I want to focus on moving Guilderland forward in a positive and responsible path with growth. We need to focus on the type of growth that makes sense for the town and its residents. The focus needs to be to bring the town together instead of creating a divide between parties. The residents of Guilderland deserve transparency of the local government.


I would like to engage more community input into the development and future of our town. I want to be that voice for them here in Guilderland. Families are so important to this area as this is home for so many. I would love to see more wonderful gathering places for them to go. I want people to be able to come to me to express their concerns knowing I am listening and will bring them in front of the board.


The future of Guilderland depends on the decisions made now. Residents are counting on us to stand up for them and that is the job I am ready to do.


Matt Kryzak

Office: Town Supervisor
Town: Westerlo
Email: mkryzak.du@yahoo.com
Phone: 518-956-0552


Joshua Beers

Office: Town Council
Town: Westerlo
Email: jmbeers12@gmail.com
Phone: 518-965-4163


Lorraine Pecylak

Office: Town Council
Town: Westerlo
Email: lpecylak@gmail.com
Phone: 518-423-0534

Matt, Josh and Lorraine are committed to working together as a team along with other elected officials
to bring common sense representation for ALL residents of Westerlo. Endorsed by the Republican, Democratic and Conservative Parties their platform includes:

Fiscal Responsibility - Continue timely and well-advertised public hearings for Tentative and Preliminary budgets considering the will of the people in the budgeting process. Ensure realistic and valid budgeting and responsible spending. Establish and continue existing processes that allow for the pooling of resources for purchasing power and standardized bidding and quoting systems. 

Transparency and Ease of Access in Town Government Endeavors - Ensure full disclosure of decisions, communications and resident access to public information. Create fillable forms on town’s website for ease of use of residents. Conduct a thorough review and updating of Local Laws, evaluate current laws for relevance and make Local Laws available on Town Website for resident reference.

Responsible Economic Growth - Evaluate and balance opportunities to develop residential and commercial tax base without compromising rural charm. Discover new sources of revenue without disruption to rural lifestyle.

Matt Kryzak is the current Acting Supervisor for Westerlo. He was previously elected to the Westerlo Town Council in November of 2019. He firmly believes that community participation is the most integral part of town government. Matt is currently the Vice President of his family-owned business, Multi-Phase Contracting Corp.

His main goal for the town is to encourage responsible economic growth for local business while maintaining our rural heritage and beauty. He will work tirelessly to keep Westerlo a great place to work and raise a family. He believes that our natural resources should be protected and conserved while being responsibly shared with the surrounding communities.


Josh Beers, a business owner, is well poised to make the difficult decisions for budgeting and spending and saving taxpayer funds in a fiscally responsible manner. His years of business experience have taught him how to work with others to problem solve, compromise and to achieve the desired goals. His experience also puts him in the unique position of being able to help develop and guide the town board to attract more local business owners.


Josh retired after working as a NYS Corrections Officer. His invaluable experience there in handling difficult situations with diplomacy and calm will be a benefit to all. Josh has lived in town for ten years with his wife, Amy and his son.


Lorraine Pecylak is a lifelong resident of Westerlo. For over 50 years, she has watched the community grow and prosper while raising her own family. Four generations of her immediate family live in Westerlo. To say that Lorraine has a vested interest in the future and wellbeing of our community is an understatement.


As a member of the Town Council, Lorraine will do her due diligence and apply up to date facts and research to make the best decisions possible while representing our citizens. She is motivated, caring, and ready to work hard to keep Westerlo a great place to live.


Lorraine is a mother of two grown children who live in town and three grandchildren.

Stuart Elderd

Office: Town Justice
Town: Westerlo
Email: cricstu@live.com
Phone: 518-506-8967


Stuart Elderd - Fair, Honest and Unbiased Justice
Committed to decide cases fairly and impartially, free of political influence or intimidation. Personal views and views of voters will have no place in the courtroom, rather cases will be decided based on law. This includes The Constitution of the United States and the State of New York and the statutes enacted.

Stuart is a lifelong resident of Westerlo. He will be the type of town justice Westerlo needs; fairly assessing the facts and rendering decisions based on the law. As a job foreman, he knows the value of fairly and accurately assessing a situation and keeping precise and accurate records. As a NYS Army National Guard Veteran Military Police Officer and having served as an Albany County Corrections Officer, he learned how to listen carefully and be unbiased. Stuart is known for being able to deal with difficult situations respectfully and honestly. His military police, corrections officer and life experience has Stuart well positioned to be a fair, honest and unbiased town justice. Stuart lives with his wife Cricket, has three children and nine grandchildren.

Randy Bashwinger  (Albany County GOP Chair)


Office: Highway Superintendent 

Town: Berne

Email: Bman2224@aol.com 

Phone: 518-410-3409 


Elected to position in 2015 to fill the term, then re-elected in 2017.


I stood up against the other side that tried to get rid of our town Highway department, going head-to-head with former Governor Cuomo, other leaders and the county.  I did not believe then, nor do I now believe, it was the right choice. 


I have the support of the highway department. We get things done. We have paved more than 37 miles of road and replaced more than 100 culverts.  Also, we saved taxpayers money over and over again.


I am on call 24/7. I want anyone who has called, emailed ,text or even showed up at the Highway Dept. to remember how fast and professional we responded.


It has been tough for several years. We have been down people and equipment. I have had to fight for what we have and I am asking for your support for myself and our slate.


For the town roads, we need the Republican board to win this election. Our opponents will hand the Town to the County. It is so important. Please help me and support our candidates on Row B or Row C . 

Anita Clayton











Office: Town Council –  two-year term

Town: Berne

Email: claymoe@msn.com



I have met many wonderful people in the Town of Berne during my service and I would like to continue as their representative by being a voice to bring forward any concerns or ideas they have for the Town.


Working for the Town has given me a great deal of insight into the people and the needs of the Town. I would like to bring all this knowledge and information to the board table.


It is important that all aspects of running/managing the Town be brought forward; consideration of the employees and their needs; departments all working together for a smoother operation of department matters and for the Town Board to be more informative of each one.  The residents also need a voice to be heard and working Board members all need to be available for them.


Being your Town Councilmember will allow me to continue to be available to the residents as I have been all these years.  Representing each person as an individual is very important too me and being your spokesperson at the board table is my goal.

New Scotland

Erik Grissell






Office: Supervisor
Town: New Scotland

Email: Erik.grissell@gmail.com

Phone: 518-360-5185

Facebook: Erik Grissell – For New Scotland Town Supervisor


I have worked 35 years in Supply Chain /Strategic Sourcing.  I am recognized as a Professional Negotiator with experience negotiating against some of the top companies in the world. 


Living in the Town of New Scotland,  I have listened to entrepreneurs and small businesses who state they are looking for change.  While we all want change, we also want to remember why we moved to the Town of New Scotland (A Farm Friendly Community). We want to keep the small town beauty.  


I know with my Leadership, Integrity and Ability to get things done, we will Lead the Revitalization of the Town of New Scotland.

Peter Drao

Office: Town Board 

Town:  New Scotland 

Email: peterdrao@gmail.com 


Army veteran and Harley Davidson enthusiast with 20 years of public finance experience. I have previous experience in the private sector, working for both small and large businesses.  


Private sector experience includes consulting for Internet-based small businesses and serving on the management team of an Internet technology startup. I also have three years of experience working as d Unit Manager for Household Credit Services, a major credit card processing company. 


Education includes a Master of Public Administration from the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy and a second Master’s Degree in Professional Accountancy from the University of Albany.  


As a proud resident of the beautiful town of New Scotland, I am concerned that the lack of balanced representation on the Town Board creates a scenario in which a significant number of residents are left without a voice on local issues that affect them. 


Our team will return balanced representation to town government, address various quality of life issues and foster an environment where small businesses, especially family-owned ones, can flourish and thrive like they once did. 

Charissa Mayer

Office: Town Board

Town:  New Scotland

Email:  charissamayer4townboard@gmail.com

Phone  518-532-3453
Facebook page: Charissa Mayer for New Scotland Town Board  

I am a results-oriented individual with more than 20 years of leadership, nursing, and business experience, serving both the government and private sectors.


As a Six Sigma Greenbelt, I have a keen eye for identifying areas for improvement in programs and services. I have developed, implemented and evaluated numerous community programs.


As a Certified Grants Writer and former Business Development leader, I have secured private and government funding for community projects. I have created and managed budgets and operations of large-scale projects to ensure that money is spent thoughtfully and for the right reasons.


I will fight for differing perspectives and balance on the Town Board, which is vital to our overall quality of living. I value family and community and will work to ensure there are ample programs, services, and small businesses to support the people in our Town.


I will address infrastructure issues that impact our quality of life while remaining a safe and affordable community. I pledge to maintain the rural nature and beauty of our Town, while at the same time doing all we can to attract small businesses. I will support our local farmers and existing small businesses. I will work tirelessly to win your vote. 

Lori Dollard

Office: Town Clerk

Town: New Scotland

Email: loridollardtownclerk2021@gmail.com

Website: revitalizens.org


I would love the opportunity to serve the residents of our beautiful community. I bring work experience from three sectors involving businesses: government, education and healthcare.


This varied experience, along with being a wife and mother, combined with my passion to serve others motivates me and gives me a unique perspective on how best to meet the needs of those requiring Town services.

I promise to be fair to all while providing the quality service our residents deserve. My candidacy is also about Town of New Scotland voters having a choice on November 2nd.  Having a robust ballot is critical to our democracy and I look forward to serving as New Scotland's Town Clerk in 2022 if elected.  



Tim Francis

Office: Town Justice
Town:  Knox

Email: tf47west@gmail.com

I’m running for re-election as Town Justice. I believe in the Constitution of the United States & New York.
I believe in equal justice under the law.  Please contact me if you have any questions.     

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